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Accreditation Renewal Self-Report (ARA) / Autoinforme de Renovación de la Acreditación (ARA)


Máster en Estudios Ingleses Avanzados TOP 1 según el Ranking de El MUNDO  “Mejores Másteres 2023/24” 

250 Másteres y Guía MBA


Máster en Estudios Ingleses Avanzados TOP 1 según el Ranking de El MUNDO “Mejores Másteres 2022/23"

Ranking de El MUNDO “Mejores Másteres 2022/23"

Máster en Estudios Ingleses Avanzados TOP 1 según Ranking de Expansión - 250 Másteres y Guía MBA

Ranking de Expansión - 250 Másteres y Guía MBA

Oscar Ndikubwayo

Our Master Program is one of the best well-designed Master programs in the current academic world.

By encompassing both Literature and Linguistics it opens itself up to all language researchers. The program makes it possible for young poets, novelists and playwrights to refresh their minds by working with a well trained and experienced teaching staff. The subjects included in the program enable young researchers to flourish in their endeavour to achieve academic excellence.

This Master Program is also unique since it is a joint venture between two institutions of higher learning, that is, the University of Salamanca and the University of Valladolid. This is very advantageous to both researchers and teaching staff. Not only does this make the students feel that they are a product of two universities and indeed they are, but it also broadens their views about research as they are exposed to a wide range of scholars. Study visits to Reading and other universities in the United Kingdom are also part of the assets that the Program should be proud of.

To cut the story short, I could say that, beyond any reasonable doubt, this Master Program in “Advanced English Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact” is the best I could have ever joined.

Oscar Ndikubwayo, Rwanda

Yoemichel Domínguez Gutiérrez

This Master program offers a wide itinerary through English Philology. I had not only a good academic experience, but also I have been encouraged to keep on researching in one of the program subjects. Personally, I recommend this Master program.

Yoemichel Domínguez Gutiérrez, Cuba

Pinar Aslan

When I enrolled in 2010 in the MA in Advanced English Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact, I wasn’t quite aware that the orthodox reason would be to get an academic requirement to start a PhD research (that would come later). I opted for this Master’s precisely because I was looking for contact with languages and cultures. By the time I graduated, I concluded that the Master’s title was very self-revealing indeed, and that my mission was fully accomplished. Being a journalist and professional musician, I was a rather rare bird in the English studies flock. But the tasting of English linguistics, literature and teaching courses made me realize that I was a theoretical linguistics kind of person in less than a year. Additionally, the spirit and thoroughness of some of our professors inspired me to devote myself to an academic career and to pursue a PhD position at the university. It wasn’t, however, a bed of roses; but the year was sweetened with some unforgettable moments of study and fun of international get-togethers (no matter whether it was at the library, at a karaoke or at someone’s house celebrating the Chinese New Year). I would like to recommend this Master’s to anyone seeking for an opportunity in the academic world, but also for these open minds looking for a rich, varied and international educational choice.

Paula Pérez Sobrino, Spain

Daniela Oancea

My experience of the Master’s programme was as an exchange research student while I was studying for my PhD at the University of Bucharest. I was lucky enough to spend one academic year in Salamanca, and was very happy to be invited to attend the Master classes. It helped me to gain more insight into both teaching and research at university the level, while the resources available covered every possible area of study or interest. The professors were always willing to help and answer any questions related to research or other professional interests. My stay and research at the University of Salamanca was truly a wonderful experience, and I wish I could do it all over again.

Daniela Oancea, Romania

Pinar Aslan

I really enjoyed the Master since you could choose from a variety of different classes. I studied mostly English literature in my BA, so it was a good opportunity to be able to know more about American Literature. The University of Salamanca is surely a good choice to enjoy Spain and learn Spanish.

Pinar Aslan, Turkey

Patricia San José Rico

The experience I extracted from the Master program was a very pleasant and rewarding one. Not only did it give me the opportunity to enjoy different teaching techniques at different universities and meet a variety of international students that remain my personal friends to date, it also allowed me to obtain the knowledge necessary to pursue my subsequent academic and professional careers.

Patricia San José Rico, Spain

Dan Iulian Toader

The Master’s program was a great preparation for the challenging and yet fascinating research environment of English studies. The quality of teachers was impressive, with renowned specialists in different aspects in the field of English studies, and very passionate about their work. Each course addressed English studies from a different point of view: linguistics, literature and culture; the result was a complete landscape of the subject. The courses were quite theoretical, but the teaching internship along with working as an intern for the Arts’ Festival of Salamanca provided the opportunity to explore more practical applications of the field, offering a good practice-knowledge balance. The Master’s courses provided me key knowledge and it gave me numerous insights on current research fields, and therefore helped me make the right decisions concerning my PhD field. The international environment has been great in the program, and I have definitely enjoyed meeting all of the other students from around the world. What I did not expect, which happened in addition to all of the above, was everything I learned from people coming from Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, the USA, etc. The group quickly became great friends who shared similar passions! It was indeed, a truly rewarding, multi-cultural experience. Finally, I would highly recommend this program to any student willing to go for a Phd in English studies. I found the answer I was looking for, I think you will too.

Dan Iulian Toader, Romania

Betul Atesci Kocak

It was a very beneficial year that opened new horizons for me.

Betul Atesci Kocak, Turkey

Borja Aguiló Obrador

Choosing the Advanced English Studies Master’s program turned out to be a more-than-definitive step towards the configuration of my academic career. Thanks to its wide variety of subjects I was able to deepen my knowledge of English and American literature at the same time that I was getting a parallel linguistic instruction that allowed for a better understanding of literary phenomena. For this reason, in what relates to my subsequent work of research and to the composition of my doctoral thesis, I must say that I am greatly indebted to the engaging classes and lectures I was fortunate to attend during that stimulating year in Salamanca.

Borja Aguiló Obrador, Spain

Muqarram Khorakiwala

The MA in Advanced English Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact is an excellent research based MA program with the right balance of courses and a wide range of electives to cater to every student’s interest. With experienced professors from USAL and UVA and many more external professors, this course gave me an opportunity to enhance my research skills and opened new ways of looking at things. This is much more than a regular MA course in English, it is a truly multidisciplinary program that gives students the possibility to combine their different research interests, and learn and apply theories from various domains. Spain provides a very interesting non-anglophone angle to the course and in a way helps to open new horizons to think out-of-the-box and that’s what research is all about.

Muqarram Khorakiwala, India

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