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Master in Advanced English Studies TOP 1 according to the ranking of El Mundo “Best Masters’ 2018"

Ranking of El Mundo “Best Masters’ 2018"

Master in Advanced English Studies TOP 1 according to the Ranking of Expansión “250 Masters and MBA Guide"

Ranking of Expansión “250 Masters and MBA Guide"

The many unknown factors generated by the coronavirus pandemic mean that this coming academic year will be very challenging for everybody. We intend to maintain our Master’s in its present class format, but in the event of a renewed outbreak, we will move to online teaching. We realize that this may be inconvenient for everybody, but be assured that we will do everything in our power to provide you with a complete and fully developed program. We will keep you informed to the best of our ability according to the changing circumstances.

Faculty Directory

Profesores de la Universidad de Salamanca
Profesores de la Universidad de Valladolid
Pilar Alonso Rodríguez José Manuel Barrio
Román Alvarez Rodríguez Jesús Benito
Daniel Pastor García Berta Cano
Maria Eugenia Díaz Sánchez Ana Sáez
Jorge Diego Sánchez Raquel Fernández Fuertes
Ramiro Duran Martínez Pedro Fuertes
Fuencisla García-Bermejo Giner Enrique Cámara
Ana Mª Fraile Marcos Elena González Cascos
Luisa María González Rodríguez Carlos Herrero
Antonio López Santos Belén López
Ana Mª Manzanas Calvo Eugenia Perojo
Consuelo Montes Granado Isabel Pizarro
Viorica Patea Birk Santiago Rodríguez
Javier Pardo García Esther Alvarez
Mercedes Peñalba García Laura Filardo Llamas
Javier Ruano García
Pilar Sánchez García
Amanda Gerke

Visiting Professors

Throughout the years, numerous scholars from national and foreign institutions have lectured to our students: Charles Altieri (University of California, Berkeley), Massimo Bacigalupo (Universita di Genova), John Xiros Cooper (University of British Columbia), Robert Kroes (University of Amsterdam), Angela Downing (Universidad Complutense), Gloria Gutiérrez (Nottingham Trent), Mark Hutchings (U. Reading), Laura Hidalgo (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Heinz Ickstadt (Free University Berlin), Paul Lauter (Trinity College), Shirley Lim (University of California, Santa Barbara), Deborah Madsen (University of Geneva), Marjorie Perloff (University of Stanford), Stephen Thompson (University of Reading), Paul Scott Derrick (Universidad de Valencia), Martin Heusser (Universidad de Zürich), Thomas Austenfeld (Universidad de Fribourg, Suiza), John Gery (University of New Orleans).

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