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Máster en Estudios Ingleses Avanzados TOP 1 según el Ranking de El MUNDO  “Mejores Másteres 2023/24” 

250 Másteres y Guía MBA


Master in Advanced English Studies TOP 1 according to the ranking of El Mundo “Best Masters’ 2018"

Ranking of El Mundo “Best Masters’ 2018"

Master in Advanced English Studies TOP 1 according to the Ranking of Expansión “250 Masters and MBA Guide"

Ranking of Expansión “250 Masters and MBA Guide"

Sara Medina Calzada

Studying the Master in Advanced English Studies was a stimulating and enriching experience, from both an academic and a personal perspective. The different modules provided me the opportunity to explore diverse areas in the field of English Studies. The courses included motivating and original readings which promoted in-depth discussions. Active participation was highly encouraged. I thoroughly enjoyed the literary courses and the seminars given by guest speakers from other universities. In addition, I really loved the multicultural nature of the classes. I met students from four different continents and that enabled me to widen my horizons and get to know different cultures. The program motivated me to continue with my PhD studies and now I am a PhD scholar at the University of Valladolid.

Sara Medina Calzada, Spain

Teresa Fradejas Salazar

The Master was a great experience on both personal and professional levels. I learnt a lot about researching and I obtained a deeper perspective on different aspects of English but most importantly, I learnt new things from other cultures because my classmates came from many different places. Our class was a ‘melting pot’ where I made really good friends. I found almost every aspect of the Master very enriching and valuable especially the “practicum” which enabled me to be part of a fantastic Arts festival where I could learn even more about people and their lifestyles. I also remember that, in general, teachers were close to the students and always willing to give a helping hand.

Teresa Fradejas Salazar, Spain

Guirong Chen

As a former student in the Advanced English Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact program, I have to say I’ve had a wonderful experience with beautiful memories that will last for years to come

Although, sometimes, it was very tough, because we had to study and read a lot in few days before our classes. However, I felt so proud of myself each time when I did well in my presentations in front of all my classmates and teachers. All of our professors in this program are very helpful, erudite, and with wide-ranging academic achievements.

After one academic year, we advanced in our specialty knowledge of linguistic, cultural and literary studies in English language and literature. Meanwhile, we made very good relationships with international classmates and professors. All in all, it is a great program for all international students who are interested in pursuing a higher education on English studies. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed

Guirong Chen, China

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